Which crusher is better for crushing pebbles? Cobblestone crusher

Cobblestone is a kind of pure natural sandstone material with Mohs hardness of 7-8. It has good compression resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It is an ideal green building material. In between, there are many equipment that can be used in the production of cobblestone crushing in the market, so the question is, which type of crusher is good for crushing cobblestone? The details are as follows:
1. List of commonly used cobblestone crushers
1. Coarse crushing of pebbles-jaw crusher
       This type of cobblestone crusher is mainly used to realize the initial crushing operation of cobblestone materials. Because of its large crushing ratio, simple structure and low production cost investment, this type of cobblestone crusher is still relatively practical in the current cobblestone crushing process .
2. Crushing in pebbles-cone crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher
       Cone crusher, hammer crusher and impact crusher belong to the second-stage crushing machinery, mainly used to complete the re-crushing operation of coarse crushed materials. The difference is that the cone crusher using the lamination principle has a relatively strong ideal crushing effect on the crushing of high-hardness materials. Compared with the impact type impact crusher and the hammer crusher, the wear-resistant parts have a longer service life. Therefore, it is more suitable for the fine crushing operation of pebbles. In addition, because the cone crusher uses the bending extrusion method to crush the pebbles, the crushed pebbles have a more neat grain shape, and the grain shape of the finished product is excellent. In addition, the cone crusher also has reliable safety. When there is iron and other non-crushed objects into the machine, the iron-passing protection device will automatically release it, and then automatically reset it to protect the safety of the machine and personnel, so Regardless of the wear resistance of the whole machine, the shape of the finished product, and the safety of operation, the cone crusher is superior to the hammer crusher and the impact crusher.
3. Fine crushing of pebbles-impact crusher
       Impact crusher is also called impact sand making machine, abbreviated as sand making machine. It is a kind of sand making machine commonly used for fine crushing of sand and gravel. It not only has high sand making efficiency, but also has excellent grain shape of the finished sand after its treatment. , The gradation is reasonable, and it can completely replace the natural sand and stone used in the current harsh construction sand production, so as to solve the problem of the scarcity of natural sand and stone. Therefore, it is a wise choice to invest in an impact sand making machine for users who have higher requirements for the shape of the crushed cobblestone.
2. Which type of crusher is better for crushing pebbles?
       What kind of crusher is better for crushing pebbles? The types of cobblestone crushers that are suitable for different crushing processes and different discharge particle shape requirements are not the same, so which crusher is more suitable for cobblestone crushing depends on the actual production situation of the user. In addition, for production and operation environments with small sites and high material mobility, a vehicle-mounted cobblestone crusher can also be used. If you still don’t know how to choose, you can also tell our engineers your actual production situation and the requirements for output and granularity. They will use professional knowledge and rich experience to tailor the design for you. Cobblestone crushing production process with high efficiency and low cost.
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