Which crusher is more durable for crushing stones? More cost-effective?

For crushing stones, I think of buying a stone crusher, but I am worried that the crusher I bought is not durable, and it will need to be replaced after a long time, which is a waste of money; which crusher for crushing stones is more durable and cheaper?
Many stone crushing equipment is not durable, because the hardness of the stone is different, the choice of crusher does not meet the processing operation of high-hardness stone, so the equipment will be severely worn in the production, but the single-cylinder cone crusher is different!
Single-cylinder cone crusher, which can crush stones in medium and fine, with high degree of automation; can be customized
This equipment is used to crush stones of various hardness. It is very suitable for processing high-hardness materials. The parts are made of wear-resistant and compression-resistant materials; under the principle of laminated crushing, stone materials of different hardness are crushed. , But it can automatically shut down when encountering unbreakable foreign objects to avoid equipment wear and tear, less failure, durable, and more cost-effective.
The heavy hammer crusher can crush the stone, and can also reshape the crushed stone
Choosing a heavy hammer crusher to crush stones is more worry-free and cost-effective, because the equipment can directly crush large stones into building stones without further processing and crushing; only the more wear-resistant hammer is used to crush the materials. The head is not easy to wear, and a hammer head can be used for a long time. If it is worn out, only the hammer head needs to be replaced. There is no need to repurchase the whole equipment, and the maintenance cost is low.
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