Which one is more suitable for fixed crushing station and mobile crushing station?

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Which one is more suitable for fixed crushing station and mobile crushing station?

With the rapid development of infrastructure construction, the market demand for stones has also increased sharply. At present, there are two main sources of sand and gravel aggregates, natural sand (mainly river sand), and the other is artificial sand. With the gradual depletion of natural sand, the market demand for machine-made sand is increasing. More and more investors invest in the production of machine-made sand in the sand and gravel equipment area. The choice of sand and gravel crushing production equipment has also become the concern of customers. problem.
At present, stone crushing production lines mainly adopt two forms: fixed crushing and screening production lines and mobile crushing production lines. Both types of equipment have their own advantages and disadvantages, so how do we choose the right sand and gravel equipment?
First of all, we need to understand the characteristics and main uses of various equipment, so as to help us make better choices.
1. Fixed crushing and screening production line
1. The fixed crushing equipment can be flexibly configured, and a high-capacity production line can be designed according to production needs.
2. The stationary crushing and screening production line has strong stability, low loss, and long service life. Once the equipment is put into production, the failure rate is low. Only the equipment loss and daily maintenance need to be considered. Compared with the mobile production line equipment Said that the maintenance is simple and can bring considerable economic benefits to customers.
The disadvantage is that the fixed crushing and screening production line needs to be fixed, and there are certain requirements for the choice of site and basic hardware, and the flexibility is poor. For example, when outdoor production is used, the protection of the power supply device must be considered. In the production process, raw materials must be delivered through a lot of manpower, which increases production costs.
In summary, the fixed crushing equipment is mainly used in manufacturers where the stones are relatively concentrated and the supply of goods is relatively stable. It is suitable for the crushing of various hard rocks such as limestone, basalt, granite, and cobblestone.
2. Mobile crushing station
1. After leaving the factory, it can be put into production after installation and commissioning. A temporary crushing production line can be quickly established without the need for preliminary foundation construction, which avoids fixed and cumbersome preliminary planning and construction cycle investment.
2. The mobile crushing station is mobile and is not affected by electricity, raw materials and land occupation. It can be opened when used. The production site is not restricted, and the production site can be changed at any time, which saves equipment transportation costs to a certain extent.
3. The mobile crushing equipment has crushing device, screening device, and transportation device. One mobile crushing device can easily complete the transportation process from the crushing of raw materials to the finished product. You can also choose to screen and then crush, or crush and then screen. Graded assignments.
In summary, it can be seen that the mobile crushing station is equivalent to a small crushing production line, which includes the functions of a fixed production line. It has a small footprint and is flexible to move. It is suitable for small-volume environmentally-friendly production, especially where the crushing site is narrow. It is often used to crush construction waste, which is not very concentrated and requires high mobility, so as to effectively improve production efficiency.
Which is better, mobile crushing station or fixed crushing station?
The mobile crushing station reduces the space and time in operation than the fixed crushing station, and can better adapt to the needs of transition, while the fixed crushing station is suitable for a wider range of materials and has a higher output, so users can decide according to their actual conditions. .

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