Which stones can be ground into sand? Which gravel crusher is needed?

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Which stones can be ground into sand? Which gravel crusher is needed?

Infrastructures such as highways, railways, and bridges require a large amount of sand as a base material. Ordinary natural sand can no longer meet the huge demand for these infrastructures. In order to better promote the development of the national economy, the development and utilization of artificial sand and gravel is an inevitable trend in the industry. What kind of stone can be ground into sand? Which gravel crusher is needed? Will making sand from stone pollute the surrounding environment? The specific answer is as follows:
1. What kind of stone can be ground into sand?
   Generally speaking, the most common stones can be sand, such as pebbles, basalt, granite, quartzite, limestone, etc. However, according to the different requirements of the physical hardness of various stones, the scope of application of the crushed sand products, etc., the supporting sand crushers are definitely different. It is recommended that customers choose suitable sand crushing equipment flexibly according to local mineral and rock resources to control costs and improve operating efficiency. Here, we will list two more cost-effective sand and gravel crushers for customers' reference.
   gravel crusher mainly uses impact energy to crush large stones into sand. The processed fine stone material has better particle distribution and fewer needles, which can be directly used for infrastructure construction in the sand industry. It is an ideal choice for artificial sand crushing equipment in the hearts of the public.
2. Rod mill
   is mainly suitable for the grinding and production of certain metal and non-metal ores or rocks, especially for the grinding and production of rock materials such as quartz sand, dolomite and monazite. There are two forms of dry and wet to choose from, and users can choose according to their actual conditions.
2. Does stone sand making pollute the surrounding environment?
   The answer is yes, how to reduce pollution? The following takes a customer in Zhoukou, Henan Province as an example to illustrate the environmental protection crushed sand design scheme created by Wo Li Machinery, as follows:
1. Disposal of dust collector: Set up matching mine dust collectors at each dust outlet, such as sand crushers, vibrating screen machines, etc., to prevent dust from spreading from the source;
Which stones can be ground into sand? Which gravel crusher is needed? (Figure 4)
2. Sealing design: The entire production line including the silo is sealed with a new type of steel plate, which not only reduces noise, but also avoids dust overflow during stone transportation;
3. Regular watering: The roads in the park are cleaned regularly and water is regularly sprayed. In addition, in order to prevent dust from sticking to the car body during loading, spray water on the vehicle and clean the tires after loading;
4. Park greening: Greening while mining, restoring arable land or planting trees in mining areas. This can beautify the environment, reduce noise, and form a green barrier.
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