Why the lubrication of the sand making machine fails?

Lubrication is an important part of the daily maintenance of sand making machines. Lubrication can reduce the wear of mechanical parts and prolong their service life. In addition, the frictional heat generated during equipment operation can also be relieved by adding lubricating oil.
However, even if we have regularly lubricated the sand making machine, there will still be problems with lubrication failure. There may be many reasons for the lubrication failure of the sand making machine. Here I will list 5 major reasons for the lubrication failure of the sand making equipment.
1. Lubricant deterioration
If the oil is exposed to the sun for a long time, or water, dust and other impurities enter, the lubricating oil will deteriorate and the lubricating sand making machine will fail. Therefore, it is necessary for the user to do a good job of the seal and lubrication system of the grinder.
2. The sand making machine is blocked
During the production process of the sand making machine, dust will enter the equipment, causing blockage of the oil pipes and causing the lubrication system to lose lubrication. In this case, users can use polymer composite pipes instead of the original pipes to reduce pipe blockage.
3. Unsuitable lubricant
Users should choose lubricating oil according to the season, low-viscosity lubricating oil in winter, and high-viscosity lubricating oil in summer. Since the sand making machine is in a state of high-speed rotation and vibration for a long time, users should choose lubricating oil with good adhesion, high viscosity and vibration reduction.
4. Lubrication system lacks oil
If the oil pressure of the sand making machine's lubrication system is too low or the system is cut off, the lubricating oil will not be able to enter the correct position and the lubrication parts will be short of oil. For this reason, an alarm can be installed in the lubrication system. When the system is short of oil, the alarm will remind you to add oil in time to ensure that the sand making machine has a good lubrication effect.
5. Impurities in the lubrication system
Impurities in the sand making machine can also cause lubrication failure, so the lubrication system needs to be cleaned in time. Clean or reduce the lubricating oil or oil sand in the lubricating system of the machine to ensure that users can use clean lubricating oil or lubricating oil.
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