Working principle of jaw crusher.

The jaw crusher mainly relies on the jaw plate to squeeze and crush the ore. The jaw plate of the jaw crusher is divided into a movable jaw and a fixed jaw. The movable jaw is movable and plays an important role in the crushing of materials. Of users report that the movable jaw cannot be swayed during use. Why?
  In the working process of the jaw crusher, if a violent sound is heard, the moving jaw will stop swinging. The main problems that cause the jaw crusher to be unable to swing include the rotation of the flywheel, the swing of the connecting rod, and the relaxation of the tension rod spring, which will cause the movable jaw to stop swinging.
  The jaw crusher cannot swing. The common reason is that non-crushed objects, which are other unrelated crushed materials, have fallen into the equipment, causing the thrust plate to break or the rivet to break. If the lower part of the connecting rod is damaged, The main reason is that the groove of the thrust plate installed at the lower part of the connecting rod to support the sliding block has cracks. Therefore, if the calculation is not performed properly during installation, the movable jaw will not swing.
  The temperature of the friction part of the jaw crusher. In the high-speed operation of the jaw crusher, the power consumed by friction is all converted into heat, causing the temperature of the friction parts to rise. When lubricating oil is used for lubrication, it constantly absorbs heat from the friction surface to dissipate it, or supplies a certain amount of oil to remove the heat, which reduces the temperature of the friction surface. Moving jaw temperature. The jaw crusher uses the repeated movements of the jaw plate to squeeze the material to be crushed. The upper and lower parts of the movable jaw are close to the fixed jaw. After the material is crushed, the movable jaw leaves the fixed jaw and the product is discharged from the discharge port. It can be seen that the operating intensity of the movable jaw is large, and the temperature of the movable jaw is prone to abnormality. When the temperature rises to a certain limit value, the jaw plate will be damaged. If necessary, certain measures must be taken to solve the abnormal temperature rise of the movable jaw to avoid Equipment failure causes downtime and reduces production efficiency.
  Bearing temperature. When the jaw crusher is working at high temperature, you should always pay attention to the temperature of the bearing to keep it in a good lubrication state, and pay attention to whether there is abnormal sound and vibration. If it is found to be abnormal, immediately stop for inspection, find out the cause, and confirm whether it is stuck by a non-breakable object or the hammer head and other parts are damaged.
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