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PEW European version jaw crusher

Brief Description

The structure is simple and reasonable. The raised jaw tooth plate has a good protection for the movable jaw and the bearing chamber. It also guarantees the unblocking of the material, avoids the jamming of the material, and is safe and reliable.
Most of the stone used in engineering is hard rock such as basalt. The hardness of the material is relatively large. The traditional jaw crushing not only has low output but is also easy to wear. Compared with the traditional jaw crusher, PEW European version of jaw crusher shows its unparalleled superiority in terms of service life, maintenance rate and failure rate. Compared with the cone crusher and stone shaping machine used Said that the cost is still low.

PEW European version jaw crusher


1.Using advanced manufacturing technology and high-end production materials. Adopt limited analysis technology to make the machine stronger. The crushing cavity adopts a symmetrical "v" structure, so that the actual feed opening width is consistent with the nominal feed opening width.
2.The movable jaw assembly is composed of high-quality cast steel parts, and the heavy eccentric shaft is processed with forging blanks, which makes the machine have extraordinary reliability and more durable. The bearing seat adopts an integral cast steel structure, which ensures complete cooperation with the crushing frame and greatly enhances the radial strength of the bearing seat.
3.Equipped with a wedge block discharge opening adjustment device, it is simpler, safer and faster than the old-style gasket adjustment. The latest adopts the toothed guard plate to increase the effective length of the jaw plate and increase the output.
4.All machines in this series use eccentric shaft bearings that are larger and more durable than other crushers of the same specifications. Their higher load carrying capacity and effective labyrinth seal greatly extend the service life of the bearings.


    Model  Size of feed opening [mm] Speed[rpm]  Power [kW]            Capacity[TPH]
      Closed side setting [mm]
100 125 150 200 225 250 300
PEW-4230 1050x750 250 90-110 180 210 237 294 350    
PEW-4836S 1200x900 250 110-160 210 250 280 320 402    
PEW-4840 1200x1000 250 132-160   265 302 370 480    
PEW-6048 1500x1200 200 185-250     415 520 580 660 750

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