Construction rubbish

Construction rubbish

Material introduction

Construction waste refers to the collective term for muck, waste concrete, waste masonry and other wastes generated during the production activities of people engaged in demolition, construction, decoration and repair. According to the source, construction waste can be divided into engineering muck, decoration waste, demolition waste, engineering mud, etc.; according to composition, construction waste can be divided into muck, concrete block, gravel block, brick and tile block, waste Mortar, mud, asphalt block, waste plastic, waste metal, waste bamboo, etc.

Process advantages

1.Strong technical strength and high degree of intelligence
2.Green and environmental protection
3.Optimized process design, tailored and practical
4.Stable overall operation, simple operation, convenient maintenance
5.Reasonable program design, high cost performance, low cost
6.Large processing capacity, high efficiency, fast return on investment

Scene Atlas


Processing Equipment

1.Mobile crushing and screening equipment
2.Fixed-crushing and screening equipment

Application field

1.Mining crushed stone processing
2.Finished aggregate, machine-made sand
3.Recycling of construction waste
4.Refractory materials, building materials cement
5.Road bridge, highway


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